Enabling Engagement Analytics in Sitecore 8

October 01, 2015 by Benjamin Vidal

In the version of Sitecore 8, the Engagement Analytics Reports are no longer available through the user interface. It has been replaced by Experience Analytics. This post lists the steps necessary to get the Site Health Reports back.

Sitecore Best Practices with Engagement Analytics Site Health Reports

September 01, 2015 by Benjamin Vidal

When developing a Sitecore solution using any version between 6.5- to 7.2, it is very important to ensure that the Site Health reports are considered during the development process. These reports can give non-technical users insight to potential pitfalls with the user experience, with the messaging of the content, or clues as to the stability of the entire user experience.

Sitecore 8 Site Health Reports: Not Found Urls Report

August 03, 2015 by Benjamin Vidal

Explains how the results of the Siteore 8 Not Found URL report under the Site Health Reports section differs from previous versions of Sitecore. There are specific actions that must be taken to ensure that an upgrade Sitecore solution is modified to account for these changes.

Sitecore’s Site Health Reports: Not Found Urls Report

July 01, 2015 by Benjamin Vidal

Sitecore has a report called “No Found URLs” report located within the Engagement Analytics under the “Site Health” section. This report is very useful to determine what pages are generating “Page Not Found Errors’ / 404 web response.

My First Impressions of Sitecore 8

February 25, 2015 by Benjamin Vidal

Lately, I have been doing a little research and development concerning the new release of Sitecore version 8. There seems to be a lot of buzz in the community related to understanding what is so different about this release of Sitecore.

Sitecore: A Development Manager’s Dream

November 25, 2014 by Benjamin Vidal

As a development manager who developers, I truly admire the architectural design of the Sitecore CMS platform. It was built and designed to accommodate a specific audience and a need that a lot of CMS platforms failed to recognize.

Troubleshooting Tip for an Unresponsive Sitecore Site

October 01, 2014 by Benjamin Vidal

Sometimes your Sitecore solution may become unresponsive. This can be the result to A LOT of different factors. However, there is one circumstance that I just want to share because it is one of those stupid problems that no one should ever have to deal with.

Sitecore Reverse Proxy Gotchas

September 01, 2014 by

Sitecore is a content management system that tracks web analytics data about users visiting the sites powered by Sitecore. This tracking system uses the IP address of the site visitor to determine useful information such as what country the user is coming from.

Why Sitecore’s Auto Publishing Feature Is Disabled By Default

August 11, 2014 by Benjamin Vidal

I recently had a conversation with a client concerning a typical feature that all content management systems should have. The conversation started with a simple question about the Sitecore content management system. The client asked “Why doesn’t Sitecore enable its auto publishing feature by default?”

Sitecore7.2 Changed Redirect After Login Process

July 08, 2014 by Benjamin Vidal

I have recently performed an upgrade from Sitecore 7.1 to Sitecore 7.2 during the course of an active development project. The reason for the upgrade is because there were bugs with the internal query system of Lucene that did not work within Sitecore 7.1.